Immersive voices 1st set archive (En)

“dip in the pool”, an electronic duo by Miyako Koda (Vocal) and Tatsuji Kimura (Track) has presented the 1st set of a series of unique live events, named "Immersive voices” on Sep.11 at Shibuya WWW.
This time they were joined by Daniel Baeder (Brazil) on drums, Pearl Alexander (USA) on double bass, and Azusa Yamada (Japan) on vibraphone. The unique combination of acoustic and electronic sounds created a brilliant performance.

The live event was streamed from Shibuya WWW with the full support of KORG's Live Extreme technology, which enables studio quality sound and high fidelity video to be live streamed. "Immersive voices" pioneers the upcoming immersive audio streaming era with Live Extreme which enables high resolution multi channel audio streaming.
The performance was mixed and streamed in binaural audio at 96kHz, and a 5.1ch surround mix will also be added for the archive on-demand viewing. This offers a truly immersive and unparalleled experience as a live streaming.

Dive right into the world of dip in the pool where the powerful yet delicate voice of Miyako Koda weaves into the sounds of the guest musicians.
Have fun and enjoy the visionary soundscape !

Guest musicians: Daniel Baeder (Drums) / Pearl Alexander (Contrabass) / Azusa Yamada (Vibraphone)
Host: dip in the pool
Support: KORG INC.
Production: ROCK MADE inc.
Funded by Agency for Cultural Affairs's "ARTS for the future! 2" fund.


Online Viewing Serial Key

Online Viewing Serial Key: This gives access to the online real-time streaming of the show as well as ondemand viewing. The ondemand viewing will be available until October 10th. A 5.1 surround mix will be added shortly after the show.

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Shibuya WWW Venue Entrance Ticket + Online Viewing Serial Key

A special ticket that combines Shibuya WWW Venue Entrance Ticket and Online Viewing Serial Key. <br/>The ondemand viewing will be available until October 10th. 5.1 surround mix will be added shortly after the show.

Price 8000JPYincluded TAX

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Shibuya WWW Entrance Ticket

Shibuya WWW Entrance Ticket <br/>Free seating

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