Immersive voices - dip in the pool 2022 live

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12.04 IV 2nd set Online Viewing Serial Key

December 4th SUN. Start 18:00
Guest Musicians : Daniel Baeder (Drums) / Keiji Matsui (Bass) / Haruo Kubota (Guitars) / Azusa Yamada (Vibraphone)
Opening Act : Toshi & Ashley

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シリアルキー 12.04 IV 2nd set Online Viewing Serial Key

Online Viewing Serial Key: This gives access to the real-time live streaming of the show as well as on-demand viewing. The on-demand viewing will be available until December 31th.
* Please note that the on-demand content will exclude some copyright sensitive materials from the live show.
* Serial Key can be obtained at "My Page".

Price 3000JPYincluded TAX


Sales period:Oct. 22, 2022, midnight~Dec. 31, 2022, 10 p.m.